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Basic 8.4.2

VIP™ 4.03


Dictionary-IV™ 8.4.2 Release Notes

Software Enhancements

1. All dictionary definition dates have been converted to date type 8 for Y2K readiness. Existing dictionary definitions can be converted by running the Dictionary Update Utility after the installation process has been completed.

So that definitions can be compatible with older versions, the Dictionary Backup/Restore has been modified to convert the definition dates as needed. If a definition backup is done on 8.4.2 and restored on a pre-8.4.2 release, the definition dates will have been converted to their old format, and visa-versa.

2. The IDOL-IV® / OPENworkshop® Error Log has been enhanced to provide the developer with the ability to capture a ‘snapshot’ of the system whenever a runtime error occurs. All information available through the debugger is captured into a log file that may be viewed or reported at a later time. The Error Log selection can be found on the Utilities Menu Selection from the OPENworkshop startup menu.

3. 4-Character FID names are now supported in IDOL-IV.

4. The Cut/Paste Blocks function F12 has been enhanced to now save Cut Text Blocks in a DIRECT file based on Operator Code. This eliminates the problem of cutting and saving text blocks, and losing them because of memory problems. The text that is Cut and Saved in this text file will be saved until it is manually deleted by the user. Up to 999 text blocks can be saved. For more information, Press F6 on the Cut/Paste Blocks View.
4GLE EDTR 0019


Software Changes


1. A problem has been corrected when attempting to edit a "Joined Column" that is defined as a Date Type 5 where "*" would be displayed rather than the entered date.
     4GLE CVIE 0271

2. F8 COPY Command  has been modified to no longer allow users to Copy/Move records to the same link that is currently being viewed. Also Copy/Move is prevented if a different link is specified but the datafile name is the same as the file name currently being viewed.
     4GLE CVIE 0272

3. A problem has been corrected where Text Fields could not be displayed when the View Data Change flag set to 'N'. Text fields can not be displayed in 'Display Only' mode.
     4GLE CVIE 0266


1. An Error 32 has been fixed in Definition Maintenance when attempting to Copy/Rename Help modules.
     4GLE MENU 0147

2. An Error 11 has been corrected in Link Maintenance when defining a Link for a Printer.
     4GLE LINK 0073


1. A secondary key file corruption problem has been fixed when rebuilding sort files on UNIX/VMS. These corrupted files would cause Thoroughbred Basic™ Core Dumps.
     4GLE SORT 0060

2. A problem has been corrected with Date Types 2 and 7 where the date was being stored in the extended (Y2K Ready) format even though it was not supposed to be.
     4GLE SRPT 0310

3. An Error 47 has been fixed in the Dictionary Compare Utility if the record length of definition detail records were too large.
     4GLE MISC 1815

4. An Error 26 has been corrected on Date Type 8, Time Only (7.6) fields that are not mandatory and attempting to <RETURN> through the field.
    4GLE DATE 0079

5. The Date Method OOUDATE has been fixed where it caused problems with date entry if the System Input Mask is set to MMDDYYYY, and the Field Input Mask is set to MMDDYY.
     4GLE DATE 0080

6. Several validation problems have been corrected with Date Type 6.
     4GLE DATE 0087

7. A problem has been fixed when creating MSORT files defined with non-contiguous keys, the file was not being created with the proper primary key segments.
    4GLE FILE 0015

8. An Error 99 has been corrected in the File Expansion program when pressing F4 at the abort, file busy message. Also the busy message has been modified to be more descriptive.
    4GLE LINK 0067

9. A problem has been fixed in the Sort Rebuild option 'View Rebuild Log' where the display date and time were not displayed properly.
     4GLE MISC 1030

10. A problem has been corrected in defining sorts where the SORT0 can only be changed if the file is empty. Also the SORT0 statement is now checked to make sure all key fields defined in the format are present. SORT0 cannot be defined for SORT or INDEXed files, or SORT0 cannot be changed from the sort editor in CONNECT VIEW (F5).
     4GLE SORT 0054

11. A problem has been fixed when dealing with text fields and file key expansion. Due to the way text fields are keyed, if a user expanded the key size of a file that contained text fields, any existing text fields would no longer be accessable. However, a problem still exists when expanding the record size of a file that contains text fields.
     4GLE TEXT 0044

12. A problem has been corrected where files will now be expanded when new fields are added to a format that contains text fields under certain conditions. The conditions that the file will be expanded are that the key size is not changing, text fields are being saved in the "New" format, no text exists in the "Old" format, and the file is a DIRECT type file.
     4GLE LINK 0072

13. A problem has been fixed with Input Messages defined as Date Types. The specified date methods (OOUDATE) is now called for date processing. Also, the user can now specify an Input Date Mask as well, similar to what can be specified for date fields in Formats.
     4GLE MSG 0049, 4GLE MSG 0050


1. The number of lines in the F5 Sort Window have been expanded from 25 lines to 100 lines.
     4GLE SORT 0057

2. The size of the F5 Sort Window is now adjustable based on the number of sorts defined.
     4GLE SORT 0058

3. An Error 17 has been fixed in the Sort Rebuild Utility.
     4GLE SORT 0061


1. Source-IV definition dates have been converted to Date Type 8 for Y2K Readiness. See "READ ME FIRST" section for details.

2. A problem has been corrected in the Backup/Restore utility where backing up the same source from two different libraries and then restoring would cause the source from the second library to overwrite the first source.
     4GLE SRC4 0055

3. Some problems have been corrected when copying Source from one library to another when source was locked.
     4GLE SRC4 0056

4. A problem has been fixed where the Edit History of a source may not be seen when editing a second source from the edit menu after saving the first source.
    4GLE SRC4 0059

5. A problem has been corrected where backing up two source libraries using the Multi-Lib Backup option, it seems there was a problem with windows getting popped too soon and eventually getting a windows error popping a window.
     4GLE SRC4 0066

6. A CR Carriage Return is no longer required when doing F2 Source lookup from the edit source window and making a source selection.
     4GLE SRC4 0070

7. An Error 16 has been fixed when doing F2 Source Lookup from the edit source window and pressing <F4> at the view. When this is done, the Source Library file is being left open.
     4GLE SRC4 0071

8. A problem has been corrected in the Source Backup As Of Date option where the input message to enter the date has been changed to Date Type 8 in order to enter the century.
    4GLE SRC4 0072

9. A problem has been fixed where Source Lookups were not available from the Compile from Compile List option.
     4GLE SRC4 0061

10. A problem has been corrected when editing a source in 'Display Only' mode. Previously the user could make changes while in the editor. When F4 pressed, the 'Save' question was not asked and the changes were lost. Only certain scroll functions are now allowed (Up, Down, Left, Right, etc.).
     4GLE SRC4 0053

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