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New for VIP 4.00.04 Beta

The Graphic Screen Editor now has an Options selection allowing you to set several options and preferences.

The clearing a line of text using the Screen Filter has been enhanced.

TbredComm supports the DynaComm .trn files for international character translations.

The Thoroughbred browser (webster.ocx) has been enhanced.The old ocx has been replaced with WebTp32.ocx. Please register this new ocx using TSTCON32.

New for VIP 4.00.03 Beta

TbredComm supports Serial connections.

Internationalization for VIP.

The display of Special Screen Codes in the Screen Editor has been enhanced.

New for VIP 4.00.02 Beta

When running a selection menu from the workstation, TbredComm will no longer exit when that selection is complete. Instead the GUI Server window will remain active to allow subsequent selections from the GUI Server Menu Bar.

Default screens support Screen Filters.

Default screens support default fonts.

VIP supports saving object locations.

Graphic screen editor has some 'hidden' features.

TbredComm supports default Autologons.

TbredComm supports null and secured passwords.

VIP supports a web browser, webster.ocx. The browser is invoked by selecting Options from the GUI Server Menu Bar, then selecting Web Options, then selecting Web Browser Window. At this time not all of the browser features have been implemented. It is not yet possible to enter a URL address from within the browser. However, you can specify the Browser Home Page in the WorkStation Manger. The Thoroughbred browser can be used to execute your application on the web. Solution-IV has set up an example of this on the Thoroughbred R & D page. Just select the Web Browser from the GUI Server Window.