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Enabling The Graphical Presentation

In past releases of the VIP product it was first necessary to start your application or the Thoroughbred environment in character mode and then run VIP to enable the graphical options. In this configuration the GUI is started from inside your application. This requirement has been eliminated in the VIP 4.01 release. Do not attempt to run VIP from IDOL-IV as this will result in an error. In VIP 4.01 your application and the Thoroughbred environment can be run graphically from the Desktop, the Start Menu or from the WorkStation Manager. In this configuration the GUI is started from outside your application. This is accomplished by downloading menu selections defined in the Dictionary to the workstation. Assuming your menus have been downloaded to the workstation follow these steps to enable VIP:

Start the WorkStation Manager (TWMgr.exe) as you would any Windows program.

Click on the TWMgr icon (Thoroughbred swash) in the system tray.

Select Presentation Mode and then select the VIP option.

This is all you need do to enable the VIP GUI server. When a menu selection is made from the WorkStation Manager, Desktop or Start Menu, the request is processed through TWMgr.exe which will start a Basic task running the selected menu item with VIP enabled. This only applies when selecting a menu option. This setting has no impact when running Basic directly since that request is not passed through TWMgr.exe This setting is saved in Tbred.ini and will remain in effect until the Presentation Mode is changed back to Character mode. As stated above, this does require that your menu definitions are downloaded on the workstation.

Another way of enabling and disabling VIP from the main OPENworkshop menu (OOMO) within the Thoroughbred environment. This menu can be accessed by typing /OO as your selection from any IDOL-IV menu. This does not change the settings maintained by the WorkStation Manager.