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Graphical Screen Converter

VIP 4.01 comes with a special utility that convert your graphical screens developed under VIP 3.x to the format required by VIP 4.01

To run the converter utility click on <vip_installpath>\Tsi\Bin\VIPGSC.exe

The converter will allow you to select one, many or all of the screens from your VIP 3.x directory. If a valid 3.x installation is not found, the converter will warn you of this but will allow you to locate the 3.x screen definitions yourself. It is important to know that the convert does require both files from your 3.x installation. These files are located in <3.x_installpath>\Vip\Dictiv\Screens and <3.x_instalpath>\Vip\Dictiv\Screensg. If both files can not be located, the converter will not be able to successfully convert the screen definition.

When a screen definition is converter, it is NOT removed from your 3.x directory. In this way screens can be converted multiple times if necessary. If a screen has already been converted, the existing .frm file will be re-named. The .frm extension is replaced by a sequence number that is updated each time the screen definition is converted.

In addition to converting screen definitions, this utility will copy all multimedia files from your 3.x installation to your <vip_instalpath>\Tsi\Image directory. All multimedia files must be located in this directory for VIP 4.01 to access them.

Before converting all your screens from 3.x to 4.01, it is suggested that you convert several screens and generate several new default screens to determine which approach is best suited for your needs; using converted screens or generating new default screens in 4.01. It is also suggested that before making a decision you first read Graphical Screens and Graphical Screen Designer.