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TS ReportServer

The TS ReportServer takes the output from Report-IV and presents it graphically to the user on their workstation. The TS ReportServer is fully integrated with VIP but does not require that the graphical presentation be enabled. The TS ReportServer is supported when running your application in character mode.

The 8.41. Thoroughbred Environment includes the RPSERV printer table. From the System Administration menu select Printer Assignment. (See the Dictionary-IV manuals for details). Assign any printer device ( i.e. RS, LP, P1) to the RPSERV printer table. You will then need to modify your IPLINPUT file to include this printer device.

IPLINPUT for Windows Basic:

DEV RS,4,,,,,,filename

Where filename is the name of any text file defined in your Thoroughbred Basic environment, i.e. <installpath>\Tbsc.

IPLINPUT for Unix:

DEV RS,4,,,1,,,/dev/null

For more help on how to use the TS ReportServer, click on <vip_installpath>\Tsi\Bin\Rps.hlp or from the TS ReportServer menu bar, click on Help and select Help Index.