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The Thoroughbred Environment version 8.4.1 is required to support the new VIP. The new and improved Graphical User Interface is now a 32 bit product providing performance, stability and compatibility with Windows 95 and NT 4.0. This release also introduces several new modules.

Remote host connections are now made using a new module Tbredcom.exe. This eliminates the requirement of DynaComm. TbredComm provides both a 32 bit TCP/IP and a Serial interface and a for optimum network communication and ANSI terminal emulation. TbredComm has been designed to support the specific needs of the Thoroughbred Environment.

The WorkStation Manager™ is the 4th tier to the Thoroughbred Environment. All graphical messaging between the host and the workstation is processed through the WorkStation Manager. In addition to managing all the messaging between tasks, the WorkStation Manger provides integration and control at the Desktop level including executing application programs from an icon or from the Windows Start button. All VIP environment options are maintained by the WorkStation Manager Options Tab control.

The following executables will be installed in <vip_install_path>\Tsi\Bin

Gws.exe Acess GWW Server
Gwwloc.exe Gws.exe component
Rps.exe Access TS ReportServer
ScrControl.ocx Acess Active X Screen Control component
SelectMenu.exe Launch apps from Desktop Menu and WorkStation Manager
SetMenu.exe Setup workstation menus
SetMsg.exe Setup workstation messages
StartBasic.exe Start Thoroughbred Basic on workstation
TBCfg.exe Configure Toolbar
TBConvert.exe Convert Toolbar
Tbredcom.exe Communicate with server
TWMgr.exe Access WorkStation Manager
Vip4.exe Run Thoroughbred GUI Server
VIP4GSC.exe Convert VIP 3.21 screens to VIP 4.01 format
VIP4GSE.exe Design graphic screens
Vlm.exe View Version Manager