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The VIP installation directory must have \tsi as the last folder in the path. The default installation directory is c:\tsi.Though the install allows the use of any path for VIP, there is a known problem if it does not end in \tsi. Sample paths are as follows: c:\tsi, d:\tsi, c:\vip4\tsi.

You must install the TBRED.Font if you are using either the Window Basic environment or a Unix Basic. This font can be found on your CD-ROM in the VIP MISC folder. Copy TBRED.FON into ..\windows\fonts or ..\winnt\fonts and install the font using the Windows Control Panel. TbredComm will not function correctly if the TBRED font is not installed. In addition, the TBRED.Font is used as the default font when generating default graphical objects, (unless other wise specified in the WorkStation Manager Options Tab).

The install program does not update the TBRED.ini file with the necessary information to run with a local host. To correct this problem please manually edit the Tbred.ini file adding an entry similar to the one show below to the [SERVERS] section pointing to your install path of the basic: startbasic=c:\Tbsc\B.exe iplweb.txt

The Screen Control OCX used to process graphical screens is not being registered by the install program. Typically if a prior version of ScrControl.ocx as been registered it is not necessary to re-register it.

If you are installing VIP on a new machine and ScrControl.ocx has not been registered, it can be manually registered using TSTCON32.EXE, supplied in the CD-ROM VIP MISC folder. Copy TSTCON32.EXE into your ..\tsi\bin directory. From explorer, double click TSTCON32.EXE. A dialog will be displayed. Select File followed by Register Controls from the Menu bar. A list of OCX files will be displayed. Scroll down and select the Control Name DefaultScreen.ScrControl then click on the register button. The standard File Dialog will be displayed, select ScrControl.ocx located in your ..\tsi\bin directory.

NT installations are not updating the System Path variable. You must manually update the System Path variable to include the VIP bin path (i.e. ..\tsi\bin). The System Path variable can be found on the Environment Tab of the System Properties page.

Your Basic installation will require a Serial Number. Your Basic must be activated before using VIP 4.01

Getting Started

Before running VIP for the first time, please take a moment to review the default setting for the various VIP options. This is done by clicking on the WorkStation Manager. Here you will find options to set default object fonts, object locations, presentation mode, remote host connections, etc.