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Thoroughbred® Enterprise Information Solutions incorporate a family of Thoroughbred products that can be configured to provide specific or total access to your system and data. T-WEB™, TS WebServer™, TS Network DataServer™, TS ORACLE DataServer™ TS XML DataServer™ and TS ODBC Read/Write DataServer™ are components of the Thoroughbred Enterprise Information Solution.

Data recovery is of paramount importance today. Even the slightest system failure, hardware or software, will require precious time and resources to recover and can result in lost revenue and information. Thoroughbred's DataSafeGuard provides real–time disaster recovery, replication, system analysis and security for your data. DSG maintains transaction journals that collect and record significant information on every I/O transaction. In the event of a system failure or breach, database transactions can be analyzed and played back or replicated to restore the system to its last good state. It can optionally (recommended) replicate that data in real–time to a secondary system or database for use as a hot swap backup system.

DataSafeGuard can create a data warehouse of real–time information that can be accessed by a number of Thoroughbred tools and programs providing a repository of real–time accessible data for report, analytic and display/drill–down requirements. Analytic dash boards can be developed to provide instant information in a number of formats including graphical.

Dashboard Analytics Concept example
Dashboard Analytics Concept Example

Browser-ready applications can be developed with T-WEB that includes the T-WEB compiler, OPENworkshop® and the TS WebServer™, Report-IV™, Report-IV™ to PDF, TS ReportServer™; and Query-IV™ reporting tools and the TS XML DataServer which support the use of advanced tools like Adobe's Dreamweaver and AJAX Widgets in the custom development of specific information gathering displays, drill-downs, dashboard analytics and reports.

Do you need access to your data from a spreadsheet, database program or word processor? Our TS ODBC Read/Write DataServer is the product that will set up and make your data available to these applications using industry standard ODBC compliant methods of data connectivity.

ODBC Link to data from Excel example
ODBC Link to data from Excel Example

Do you need Internet access to your data? Thoroughbred supports two methods of Internet connectivity to your applications and data. TS WebServer is the e-Commerce solution supporting HTML web pages. TS Network DataServer is part of these solutions providing high performance access to your applications and data.

Is ORACLE or MS SQL Server database connectivity a requirement? TS ORACLE DataServer or TS DataServer for MS SQL Server is the solution. Thoroughbred applications based Dictionary-IV™ can directly read and write ORACLE and MS SQL Server databases. Updating and connecting to a corporate ORACLE-based system is now a reality.

From small systems with limited users to large systems with thousands of users and multiple locations, our Enterprise Information Solutions provide access to your applications and data from anywhere, anytime, even over the Internet. e–Commerce, B2B, Business analytics and system disaster recovery are possible, now, with your existing applications!

Other Thoroughbred Support products are available to work with the Enterprise Information Systems backbone including, Report-IV Reportwriter, Report to PDF, TS ReportServer, files etc.

Report-IV to PDF example
Report-IV to PDF Example

TS ReportServer example
TS ReportServer Example

Thoroughbred's Sales and Consulting Services personnel are ready to work with you to review your systems requirements and recommend the appropriate Thoroughbred products and services that will provide the best solution for your business.

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