Product DatasheetsProduct Datasheets

Application Development
Rapid Application Development: IDOL-IV®
Rapid Application Development: OPENworkshop®
Rapid Application Development: OPENworkshop® +XML and Demo
3GL Environment: Thoroughbred Basic™
3GL Environment: Thoroughbred Environment™ +XML and Demo
3GL Environment: Thoroughbred Basic™ for
Windows Pocket PC

XML: TS XML DataServer™

Administrative Tools
Total Remote Terminal Control: T-RemoteControl™
Change Control System: InProd™

Database Access
Thoroughbred Database: TS Network DataServer™
ORACLE: TS DataServer™ for Oracle
MS SQL Server: TS DataServer™ for MS SQL Server
MySQL: TS DataServer™ for MySQL
Database Solutions: Real-Time Database Solutions
Open Databases: TS ODBC DataServer™ (select below)
Read/Write | Read Only | Security

Annual Maintenance Program
Product Maintenance Annual Maintenance Program

Windows Client Tools
Grapical User Interface: VIP for Dictionary-IV®
Windows Interface: Gateway for Windows™
Terminal Emulation: TbredComm™ (now with SSH)
Browser Emulation: T-Connect™
Graphical Reports: TS ReportServer™
Business Forms: FormsCreator™
Thoroughbred Reports in PDF: Report-IV™ to PDF

DR and Back-Up
Services: System Back-up Services
Data Backup/Recovery: DataSafeGuard™

Internet Applications
e-Commerce/e-Business: TS WebServer™
Enterprise/CRM: the Thoroughbred® Solution
Managed Services: Managed Services
Hosted Services Program: Hosted vs. Licensed Guide
Smartphone and Tablet Apps: Thoroughbred Apps with XML

ERP Business Management
and General Accounting

The Complete Package: Solution-IV® Reprographics
Team Sports : Solution-IV RTS
GAAP Accounting: Solution-IV Accounting